The Planning System in Kings Langley is administered by Dacorum Borough Council, not the Parish Council.  
Having said that, DBC consults the Parish Council to obtain a local point of view on the planning matters which are relevant to the parish.
Planning is split in two halves - Strategic Planning concerns the designation of planning policies and of strategic developments, and Development Control involves the determination of planning applications.
Strategic Planning
  DBC has had its Core Strategy for the development of the Borough to 2031 passed by the Government, and has started work on the accompanying Site Allocations Document.  
The current planning documents and consultations can be found at the relevant page on DBC's website.
Around Kings Langley, the scope for large-scale development is severely limited by the need to prevent the "coalescence" (merging) of the village with neighbouring settlements, and by the villageís location in the London Metropolitan Green Belt.  
  In seeking the best possible balance between the need to provide housing and the need to protect the countryside, the Parish Council asked DBC to adopt a policy that would enable 'brownfield' redevelopment and prevent new Green Belt development.  
In the case of the three strategic locations in/around the village envelope, this involves the following.  
1. Rectory Farm:
Enabling the residential redevelopment of the barns only / preventing the development of the whole farm.
2. Sunderlands Yard:
Enabling residential redevelopment of the inappropriately located industrial unit.
3. Wayside Farm/Langley Lodge Estate:
Preventing massive green belt infill inside the A41 and sprawl beyond the A41.
The fourth strategic site is in the north of the parish:  
4. Shendish Estate:
Preventing the loss of park land / coalescence of Hemel Hempstead and Rucklers Lane.
DBC included this strategic policy in the Core Strategy, stating that with redevelopments and minor infills only, the parish could provide around 110 new dwellings over the next two decades.
Development Control

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  Current planning applications in the parish can be viewed at the Parish Council office at Charter Court Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm.
But, status information/the applications themselves/other details are available any time at the relevant page on DBC's website.
The determination of planning applications can be complicated, but the Parish Council has a Planning Applications Guide to help you.
Meanwhile, below is a list from the Parish Councilís database of planning applications, which includes the applications which have been processed/updated in the last thirty days.