Councillors (Elected Volunteers)  
  Councillor Bob McLean
Chairman of the Council
Retired service industry manager and businessman who moved to the Rucklers Lane part of the parish in 2001, joined the Council in 2007 & previously chaired the Council 2009-13.
Address - Hawkridge, Ladymeadow, Rucklers Ln, WD4 9NF
Tel - 01923 290904
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  Councillor Gerry Angiolini
Vice-Chair of the Council
Retired bank printer and businessman who is the driving force behind the Council's Best Kept Gardens Competition and the Christmas Festival. Joined the Council in 1995.
Address - 18 Abbots View, WD4 8AW
Tel - 01923 263369
Email (c/o KLPC) -
  Councillor Alan Anderson
Chairman of the Conservative Group of Councillors
IT specialist on a career break to care for a parent, and has been based in Rucklers Lane all his life. Alan & his parents have served Kings Langley in local government for 50 years.
Address - Leaside, Rucklers Lane, WD4 9NQ
Tel - 01923 262884
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  Councillor Howard Button
Chairman of the Council's Planning & Licensing Committee
Chief Executive of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, and another life-long resident of the village. Joined the Council in 1999.
Address - 5 The Glebe, WD4 9HY
Tel - 01923 400103
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  Councillor Derek Collins
Retired businessman who moved to the village in 2006 and is an active member of village clubs. Joined the Council in 2011.
Address - 2 Brookfield View, Hempstead Road, WD4 9HN
Tel - 01923 260623
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  Councillor Rene De Silva
A Solicitor, Magistrate and Cadet Force Adult Volunteer. Rene moved to the village in 2013, and has family roots in Kings Langley that date back to 1810. Joined KLPC in 2015.
Address - Flat 154, Ovaltine Court, WD4 8GU
Tel - 07771 395206
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  Councillor Sandra Jackson
Has played a leading voluntary role in the organisation of Neighbourhood Watch activities in the Parish and across Dacorum, since moving to the village in 2001.  Joined in 2015.
Address - 32 Coniston Road, WD4 8BU
Tel - 07852 247900
Email -
  Councillor Alan Johnson
Has several voluntary roles, e.g. the leadership of the primary school, scouts & Good Neighbours Assoc, and has lived in the village for over 30 years. Joined the Council in 2015.
Address - 75 Hempstead Road, WD4 8BS
Tel - 01923 400104
Email -
  Councillor John Morrish
John led the Youth Club for 25 years, was a Community Award winner in 2011, is actively involved in village groups, and has lived in the parish for over 30 years. Joined in 2014.
Address - 60 Rucklers Lane, WD4 8AU
Tel - 01923 263939
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  Councillor Mark Rogers
Business marketing specialist and player of unusual sports who moved to the village in 2005. Joined the Council in 2011.
Address - Thornhill, Barnes Lane, WD4 9LA
Tel - 01923 268108
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Staff (Employees)
  Paul Dunham
Clerk to the Council
Paul's role is effectively that of a Chief Executive, and he's been carrying it out for the Council since 2005.
Picture of Beverley   Beverley Ross
Administrative Assistant
Beverley has been assisting the Clerk since 2010.
  George Tucker
Village Warden
George started working for the Council in 2012.